Bethany Home Care’s Mission

The mission of Bethany Home Care is to provide home health services that exceed the needs of our diverse client population and community. This is accomplished by delivering the highest quality care within reasonable costs to achieve optimal outcomes; promoting professional growth and development; and respecting the dignity, values and beliefs of our internal and external customers when providing care, services and education. Bethany Home Care aims to be the home health care provider of choice in the community.

Bethany Home Care is a State/Medicare certified agency. Bethany Home Care is also accredited by the Joint Commission.  

Bethany Home Care’s Values

•              Commitment to quality patient care.

•              Commitment to individual responsibility

•              Commitment to serve and opportunities to grow.

•              Commitment to faith and family.

•              Commitment to innovative ideas related to patient care.

•              Commitment to patient and staff education

•              Achievement of patient and staff education.